TOBinuri promotes a healthy lifestyle that harmonizes with nature.

The core values of TOBinuri


T . O . B . I

with Technology, for Organic, being Bright and giving Interesting!



TOBinuri Inc. is a manufacturer of indoor garden tools based on potting soil compression technology.
By providing innovative horticulture products, Tobinuri gives city dwellers the opportunity to experience nature in a fun and easy way.

✔️Potting soil compression technology
✔️Potting soil that provides nutrients for more than 6 months
✔️Superior in water holding capacity and nutrient holding capacity




TOBinuri removes the restrictions of space and environment by presenting easy ways to cultivate your own garden within a tight space and limited time so that you can get closer to nature.

We encourage you to connect with nature through easy
and simple home gardening.
Home gardening does not have to be cumbersome,
uncomfortable, or difficult, and our products simplify
the process of in-home gardening.


Tobinuri improves our customers' lives by delivering the
nature's healing effects the health and healing benefits of
We will help you create a small indoor garden, even in the
city, so that you can meet nature in an easy and fun way.

The life that grows from the seeds planted in Tobi will
provide you with the vitality of life. The nature in a house or a small office will restore the driving force of life!




Tobi compressed potting soil is
a magic compressed potting soil.
Even a 5-year-old can easily be a mess-free planter
with TOBI just by adding water to a pot!

For the world's easiest and most fun gardening, Tobinuri
strives to help anyone create a small vegetable garden at
home, even today.

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